Fantasy Football Round-Up: FC Bakir Are On Fire

Another Weekend and another Game week in our Fantasy Football League has gone by. After last week's shocking performance, things seem to be on the up for our teams here at head office.

Spurred on by a record goals weekend in the Premier League, anyone triple captaining Harry Kane or Son where in for a treat come close of play last night. None of us did that this week BUT a Kane / Mitrovitich front line gave Adam office bragging rights a 88 points and a mid-table position in the process.

As chuffed as Adam was this morning, he and nobody else even came close to touching this week's winning line up; FC Bakir managed by Craig Barker. Claiming the mantra of the "Walk London King of Game Week 2" a resounding 119 points was enough to give Bakir victory and a two point cushion in the overall standings.

Also claiming a £10 Walk London Gift Voucher, now we roll onto Game Week 3.

This Week's Winning Fantasy Football Team

With another high scoring week potentially on the cards - looking at the fixture list - if you have a team and would like to join in with the fun, make sure you click here to get in on the action.