Как носить ботинки на шнуровке в ближайшие месяцы

In fashion, quite honestly there is no right or wrong way to wear something, as long as you like it, then that’s all that matters. With that said however, a question we get asked a lot at WALK London, is how to wear lace up boots. As with all of our “how to guides” we have listed some of the ways we think look best when wearing a lace up boot. Whether it’s a lower height boot or a tall fashion boot, we’ve got you covered.
First thing’s first, is how to wear the jeans/chinos/trousers themselves. Essentially you can either roll these up just above the boot, or keep these rolled down but again ensure these sit above the boots top line. This will get the most out of your boot silhouette. One thing to avoid is to completely roll down your jeans and cover the boot itself. Boots are made to be seen, so wear them with confidence and ensure you are not hiding them under your Jeans. This also gives the impression of a longer leg which helps you stand out among the crowd.


The second thing to think about is colour. This one is fairly simple and can be followed as below.
How To Wear Lace Up Boots With Chinos


How To Wear Black Boots

Black boots are one of the most versatile colour you can wear. Black, Grey, Blue denim (light or dark) and Khaki/Olive are all great colours that compliment Black. You can also mix and match materials depending on the style, whether this be jeans or cropped trousers for a more fashion look.

How To Wear Lace Up Boots With Jeans

How To Wear Brown Boots

These boots tend to be more casual and can again be work with Black and Blue very easily. Again either rolled up jeans, or something that sits along the top line of the boot will get the most out of your look.

How to Wear Lace-up James Lace-up BootsHow To Wear Harry lace-up Boots with black skinny jeans


How To wear Lace-up Brown wolf toe-caps with blue rolled up jeans

How To Wear Burgundy Lace Up Boots

For Burgundy we would suggest keeping this simply and sticking with black or dark grey. Although depending on the shade these can also be worn with blue.

How to Wear Lace-up Wolf Lace-up in burgandy

How to Wear Jazz chelsea boot in burgandy


We hope this helps and if you like any of the boots featured, you can see these by clicking on the images.