Лето в городе - Том 1

In preparation for the release of our spring summer collection, we took new face Mike out and around the empty streets of Camden for a test run in some of our most anticipated seasonal releases.  


As part of our SS21 Lookbook feature titled "Summer In The City" – a fresh revamp of our classic Tales From The City series - Volume 1 hits the ground running with what will be a key fashion focus this summer; sandals and sliders, featuring new arrivals Brody, Ronny, Sunset and more.


Also highlighting the transitional period, our Sean and Stream styles are the perfect in-between before Summer arrives. We hope you enjoy part 1 of this series ahead of Volume 2's release at the end of the month. If you like something you see, you can check it out on our online store by viewing our dedicated SS21 Footwear pages.

Walk London Summer LookbookWalk London Sean Boat Shoe

Walk London Summer Shoes
Walk London Sunset Sandal
Walk London Lookbook