Шесть лучших сайтов с кэшбэком, с которыми мы работаем

Are you an avid Cashbacker? Not sure what a cash-backer even is ...? The term has been running the circles to describe an online shopper who purchases items through one of the hundreds of rewards websites on the internet.
What's a rewards website? Well a rewards website is a site that offers your a reward for completing an action. In the instance of Cashback, when you purchase from us through your favourite programme we pay the referring programme a percentage of your purchase - after your 30 days returns period has finished - and this is typically returned to you through your account on that website. *There are variations of the rewards on offer if you read on.

Over the past year we have been working hard to expand our partner portfolio to make sure we are working with the Cashback website that is suited to your needs. A network that is now spanning just over 100 different types of rewards sites and is inclusive of well known brand names such as Quidco, dedicated international schemes and even one which rewards customers in crypto currency, our team has sat down over the past weekend and handpicked half a dozen of the best Cashback Websites that we are working with.

Listed below let us know your thoughts on our selection though one of our social media channels or suggest your favourite scheme to us to investigate, If you would like to discover a little bit more about each programme you can do so by clicking on the link under each of our selections.


Quidco Logo

1. Quidco

Known as the original, Quidco is one of the most well known Cashback websites in the UK. Founded in Sheffield in 2005 the programme boasts over 10 millions members and offers cashback on pretty much anything you can think of.
We have been in Partnership with Quidco since February and so far hundreds of customers have enjoyed cash rewards on footwear purchases made through our store.

Top Cashback Logo

2. TopCashback

A direct competitor of Quidco, TopCashback is one of the biggest Cashback Websites in the UK, trusted by over 7.5 million users a month and counting. Perhaps the better known of the "Big 2" in thanks to its out their T.V ads over the past couple of years, TopCashback has been with us since we started growing our Cashback portfolio. Doing what it says on the tin, Walk London customers who members of their rewards scheme has been enjoying money back from their purchase since July last year.

Storm X Logo

3. Storm X

One of the most unusual and exciting rewards websites that we work with Storm X differs from it's competitors by offering rewards in Crypto currencies rather than cash like the majority of it's competitors. Part of the wider Storm X portfolio which rewards for completing actions such as surveys. We are still finalising a couple of details with thier team, but once things are up and running we will be sure to let you know.

Cashback Arab Logo

4. Cashbackarab

One of our international partners and qnother Cashback website that has been with us from the start of this particular journey. As the name suggests Cashback Arab offers rewards on online shops to customers within Arabic and middle eastern regions.

Kid Start Logo

5. Kidstart

Joining us last month Kidstart may be familiar to readers that are parents and perhaps is one of our favourites internally. Like with Quidco and Topcashback in the UK the rewards scheme offers a percentage of cash as money back on online purchases. Unlike the prior mentioned, Kidstart puts any funds earned into your childs Savings account for access when the time is right.

Go Raise Logo

6. Go Raise

Last but not least on this list, and another new partner, is Go Raise. A rewards scheme that is build upon the notion of giving the platform offers cashback earned to one of the 80,000 charities and good causes that you choose from.