The Walk London Story

With over 30 years' experience in footwear design, we founded Walk London in 2013 as a family run label to deliver our passion for high-quality footwear and design.

Based in London, our shoes, boots and loafers have quickly been adopted by wearers all over the world - with customers now spanning 128 different countries across all five continents. Blending craftsmanship and modernity within our designs, we draw inspiration from the style and production techniques passed down through our family's Italian Heritage and the traditions from the city we call home.

From music, to art and film, we find there is always inspiration to be found when it comes to creating our collections. Putting our own twists on classic designs and constantly pushing the boundaries by experimenting with new treatments and quality leathers, we hope you share our passion for quality crafted footwear, and the WALK London lifestyle.