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Article: The Difference Between An Oxford and a Derby

The Difference Between An Oxford and a Derby | Walk London

The Difference Between An Oxford and a Derby

Have you ever been on the hunt for a new pair of shoes and have been faced with the choice of a pair of Derbys or Oxfords? The question is what is the difference?An inquiry which is asked to us a lot here at Walk London HQ, here is a brief overview highlighting the difference between Oxford and a Derby Shoe.

The Difference Between An Oxford Shoe and a Derby Shoe

An Oxford Shoe

A lace up formal that gained it's name from it's adoption by university students in the 1800's, an Oxford Shoe - also known as a Balmoral or Richelieu - has the bottom of the lacing section sewn closed. The style also typically has the eyelet facings stitched underneath the vamp (front section of the shoe). Seen in the industry through a wide variety of colours,  materials and brogueing at the upper, an example of the style can be seen within the picture of our City Oxford Shoe above

A Derby Shoe

An evolution of a hunting boot originating from the mid 19th century a Derby shoe that rose to popularity as the style become more appropriate for wear around the city. A lace-up that is more versatile in fit than an oxford due to it's open lacing section which allows the wearer to adjust the shoe to be as tight or as loose as the wearer finds comfortable - see the example above. Also known as a Gibson a typical Derby has eyelet facings that are sewn on the top of the vamp although as trends have changed down the years this rule is not set in stone.

With new models of each style added daily you can browse this seasons formal collection online by clicking here


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