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Article: How To Wear Tassel Loafers

How To Wear Mens Tassel Loafers

How To Wear Tassel Loafers

What are Tassel Loafers?

A loafer is a slip on shoe with no laces. Typically a loafer will fit under the ankle leaving this exposed as the back of the heel sits quite low on the foot. 

There are many variations of loafers available; the plain slip on loafer, penny loafer, snaffle or trim loafer, fringe loafers etc. A staple style for the Summer however will always be the classic tassel loafer. 

A Tassel loafer is defined by the decorative tassels that sit across the vamp. These typically give the style a bit of flare however depending on the upper material, can be worn both formal and casual.

How to Wear mens Tassel Loafers

What to Wear With Tassel Loafers?

A question we get asked a lot on social media and on our website is how to wear men's loafers? In truth the tassel loafer can be worn in a huge variety of ways making this an easy choice when looking to swap out trainers of shoes. Due to the low profile of loafers, these look great when paired with shorts, cropped chinos or even slim cut jeans. 

We always opt for no socks (or no show sock) in the above instances which highlight the loafer in a subtle way, perfectly complimenting your outfit. Try pairing these with a smarter pair of shorts and plain t-shirt or polo top for a relaxed look. Alternative tassel loafers look great with light coloured chinos and a Cuban collar shirt if you're looking for that holiday outfit. Want to wear them for your daily commute? Simply pair them with skinny cut jeans or trousers and you'll be good to go.

WALK London West Tassel Loafer Suede

How to style Loafers for Weddings?

Another great example of when to wear loafers is at a wedding. Gone are the days of the past in which a formal oxford toe-cap was your only option for a wedding shoe; now it has become a staple for men's wedding shoes for the groom, groom party and guests to swap out shoes for leather tassel or snaffle loafers. 

In this instance you can wear these with socks or without - however if it is a summer wedding then we would again suggest ditching the socks here. Pair your loafers with either slim cropped trousers, or tapered chinos for an instant upgrade. If you're wearing brown or black leather loafers, make sure your belt colour matches the loafers to tie the outfit together. Alternatively you can be playful with lighter colour suede loafers which can really make your suit combo pop in the summer months.

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