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Article: How to Wear Mens Sandals

How To Wear Mens Sandals Walk London

How to Wear Mens Sandals

As the Spring Summer Season is fast approaching, we start to see the trend move from chunkier sole shoes and boots, to sunnier alternatives of loafers, sandals and sliders.

Offering style, comfort and breathability in the warmer months ahead, men's leather Sandals are sure to be a big hit this summer.

Whether you're sipping drinks pool side, chilling at the beach, or simply walking about town, we've put together a key guide for how to wear sandals this summer.

Socks or No Socks? 

Much like marmite, the conversation on wearing socks with sandals is heavily debated. Whether you like it or not however, it certainly is a trend this year (and most likely next) to wear socks with sandals.

No longer seen as the cringeworthy "dad" style of the past, wearing socks has become a must for those looking to stand out and stay on trend this season. Pair your favourite black or brown pair with white socks pulled up for an instant upgrade to your look.

Still unsure of how to wear sandals with socks? Think about it the same way you would wear trainers or sneakers; simply swap these out for sandals and you're onto a winner.

Mens Leather Sandals White Socks WALK London

The City Stroller

Much like men's loafers have been a key part of everyday wear for men throughout the past 5 years, last year saw the return of the sandal into everyday life.

No longer seen as just a high summer piece, the sandal can easily be worn on your daily commute, or evening stroll in the city sun. The casual nature of sandals also makes it an easy choice when looking to swap out loafers of trainers. Pair these with slim or relaxed jeans for a day in the city. As the height of summer hits, you can also easily wear sandals with shorts and cropped chinos.   

 Mens Leather Sandals WALK London

The Holiday Edition

One of the more easier ways to wear sandals is when on holiday. Whether that be a staycation in your own country, a trip abroad, or simply a short walk to the garden, sandals are an easy win for high summer.

In this instance, we would recommend doing away with the socks and going for the classic "no sock" look. This will not only enhance the holiday vibe of your outfit, but offer much needed breathability and comfort in the heat of summer. 

This is also where suede sandals come into their own, working in perfect combination with shorts or chinos. Pair this with a Cuban style/flower shirt for the ultra Summer look. 

 Mens Ronny Trim Sandals Leather WALK London

Another question we get asked a lot is how should men's sandals fit? Due to the nature of a sandal (which is typically a lot more open that a loafer or shoe) these should fit slightly tighter to the top of your foot to ensure your foot stays within the sandal when walking.

A large number of our sandal collection this year feature buckle straps such as the Sunset Sandal and Brody Sandal which will allow you to adjust the fit for a perfect summer sandal. 

Show us how you wear sandals and use the #WALKWednesday  on @walklondonshoes for a chance to be featured on our page. 

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