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Article: How To Stretch Leather Boots

How To Stretch Leather Boots

How To Stretch Leather Boots

If you've got that new boot feeling but are worried about the risk of rubbing or blisters with the first few wears, then here are a couple of tips we've come up with on How To Stretch Leather Boots.

Give The Boots Time To Break In

As tempting as it may seem to show off your new purchase 24/7, be sparing with your wear initially with short outings in mind. As the leather uppers adapt to the shape of your foot with wear, your new boots will be snug and comfy in no time at all.

Wear Them Indoors

You may get some funny looks from family members not in the know however wearing a new pair of leather boots around the house with a thick pair of socks is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to breaking in a new pair of boots. A couple of hours of wear should suffice.


Use a Hairdryer

If you opt for wearing your new boots around the house, get the hairdryer out and give areas that you feel a pinch a quick 20 seconds blow of heat. This will stretch the leather without damaging it. If you want to put this method into action follow the steps below:

How To Stretch Leather Boots with a Hairdryer

  1. Put your boots on with a pair of thick socks
  2. Point a hair dryer about 6 inches from the boot pointed at the tightest parts where you feel a pinch
  3. Turn on the dryer on hold for about 20 seconds
  4. Move your toes during point three for better stretching
  5. Wear the boots for a couple of minutes after switching off your hair dryer until they have cooled down so they can mould to your foot shape better
  6. Try on the boots again with a pair of normal socks and repeat again if needed

Use A Stretcher

Available from most retailers, you can also use a Boot Stretcher to alleviate pressure around the toe, stretching the boot's leather for a more comfortable fit. If you are not sure how to use a boot stretcher you can follow the below steps:

How To Stretch Leather Boots with a Boot Stretcher

  1. Place the boot stretcher closed inside the boot, pushing the shoe shape snuggly into the toe area of the boots
  2. Rotate the screw clockwise to expand the boot stretcher until it feels tight and snug inside the boot
  3. Leave the stretcher inside the boot for about 8 hours. We do not recommend leaving in for any longer as this runs the risk of over stretching your boots
  4. Remove the stretcher by turning the screw counter clockwise
  5. Check the fit by trying on the boots. If they are still a little tight repeat the process until you have achieve the desired feel

Please always follow the manufacturing instructions when using a boot stretcher.

Use a Specialist Stretching Spray

Purchasing a specialist stretching spray can also help speed up the natural leather stretching process that occurs over time with wear. Stretching sprays are simple to use with wear inside and they can also be used as part of a stretching process with a Shoe Stretcher.

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