Cash On Delivery, It’s in BETA!

After listening to customer feedback over the past eighteen months we are happy to announce that, after months on the negotiation table, Cash On Delivery is here! An industry first (we believe) for a British Brand our logistics partnership with SAMOS and selected courier NAQEL Express sees highlighted countries within the MENA region get a localized makeover ahead of further rollouts as we head into AW22. Here is everything you need to know

What Is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Cash on Delivery is what it says on the tin! Customers pay cash to the courier upon receipt of their items rather than upfront at the without using card. The reasons our customers have requested this feature vary on a per country basis along the most popular reason this is preferred is because of a lack of banking facility or to avoid excessive bank charges on cross border transactions.

(Please note for non GBP transactions made online at currency charges are null and void as our payment gateway transacts in your local currency.)

In Which Countries Is Cash on Delivery Available?

As part of our initial COD roll out, the service is initially available in selected countries within the MENA region and will not be available to customers in any other countries.

  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

Depending upon the success of Cash on Delivery we have plans to extend the territory offering. When these launch customers will be updated in due course.

How Do I Use Cash on Delivery?

The process of using Cash on Delivery is relatively simple and is a highlighted payment option within our checkout. To access this simply shop your footwear as normal adding the shoes you would like to purchase to your shopping cart and proceeding to the checkout.

Once you are in the checkout enter your address details (Billing and Shopping address must match) and make sure you proceed using your correct email address and telephone number.

After completing? Proceed to selecting your shipping method (Please note the only shipping method that can be used for customers wishing to order using Cash on Delivery is our default standard as highlighted within the FAQs below.)

When you enter the Payment screen select Cash on Delivery and hit the ‘Complete Order’. Once completed you will be sent to the Order confirmation page and receive an order confirmation email and your order will be processed for dispatch.

Once your order has passed customs and has been handed over to the local courier, NAQEL Express m, you will receive an SMS message and email to let you know your order is on the way along with confirmation of the amount to be paid before your shoes can be be delivered and of course the overall Management of the delivery of your items.

NAQEL has a range of payment options available. Although the most popular is the payment of Cash Upon to the courier, You can also pay using card when the item is delivered or opt to pay at a NAQEL service point before receiving your shoes.

Cash on Delivery Shoes


Which Courier Should I Select If I Want To Use the Cash on Delivery Service?

Cash on Delivery comes as part of the service option for our selected standard courier in the countries highlighted above. This will is NAQEL Express. For most countries we have Express DHL or FedEx options available however these cannot be used for COD transactions. If you select an Express Delivery service and opt to use the Cash on Delivery payment method your order will automatically be put onto the correct shipping service. Where we will do our upmost to make sure you will not be charged for express shipping charges in busy period of the year it may not be possible to amend paperwork associated with the order. You will therefore be charged the Express Shipping amount to be paid before your item(s) are delivered.

How Much Is Standard Shipping To My Country?

As part of this service we have been able to negotiate some excellent shipping rates and these are passed onto all of our customers within the selected countries within the MENA region. This is £9.95 GBP or free for all orders over £50.00 GBP. For up to date rates you can see the highlighted service within our Shipping Pages section for your country or you can head straight to the checkout.

What About Duties & Taxes

Where applicable we collect duties and taxes at the checkout on behalf of customers and pay any applicable fees at the border. This is automatically calculated within the summary stage of the checkout. Most of the time these are included within the cost of your purchase.

Is There Any Additional Charges For Using Cash On Delivery?

There is a small transfer charge associated with the service made by the courier. As COD is in BETA we at Walk London cover these or any associated costs that may be charged in relation to the additional service.

Can I Pay With Foreign Currency Using COD?

No. The carrier agent will only accept payments made in the currency in which the order was placed. If you wish to use a foreign currency to completed your purchase this should be done by changing your currency and using another payment method such as Debit or Credit card in the checkout.

If I Change My Mind Can I Pay With Card?

Yes! The courier has mobile payment terminals available should the cash not be on hand when your items are out for delivery

What Happens If I Can’t Afford The Item When They Are Out For Delivery?

You will be notified by text in advanced of the item being scheduled for delivery. Once you receive the message you are able to schedule the delivery for a day you know you will have the Cash available. The item can be held for up to 30 Days

What Happens If I Refuse The Item?

if your item is refused or has not been successfully delivered after 30 days it will come back to us. Continuing to do this without reasonable explanation will lead to you being blacklisted across the whole network which may effect your ability to place any orders (Not only with Walk London) again in the future

Will Cash On Delivery Effect My Returns Periods?

in short no! You will still have 30 days to return your item for a refund as per our standard returns protocol. Don’t forget we offer Free Exchanges for those wishing to swap sizes. You can find more information about country specific returns by clicking here

How do I get Money Back For Returns?

As part of the initial Cash on Delivery service release we are only able to issue refunds to customers with a valid bank account. After we inspect your return, we'll email you a link to confirm your bank account information and issue a refund directly to your account.